Anders Grant

Having been a Nutritionist for over 25 years, and a Dietitian for over 15 yrs, Anders has helped many achieve their wellness goals -- (Ex. in losing wt, many have either reduced or discontinued the amounts of medicines they were on). As a consultant, she has been a public Speaker at company events -- reaching many and helping them to meet their wellness goals as well. She believes in looking at the 'whole' person and works with supplements as well as dietary changes, conscious of food allergies/intolerances.

A few years ago, she started distance running and found her nirvana. She has since completed numerous ultra-marathons -- 50K's, 50 and 100 mile races (non-stop), along with sprint triathalons. She also enjoys weightlifting, meditation and yoga. Combining these enjoyments with her masers degree in Counseling Education, she slowly changed her eating habits to see the results she now enjoys. And as a result, she has helped many reach their ideal body weight/look. She is the founder of BeColorFit as well as a nutrition coach, wellness speaker and educational materials designer. She is available for public speaking and corporate events. She has authored the book "Sit With It: The Truth behind weight loss."  She will help you to get from, 'This is too hard,' to, "Yes, I have done it!!" And for many who have lost and regained lost weight, her strength is in helping you maintain it.